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Wireless Network Solution

So, whatever your need for a network, we can recommend the right solution that combines the best elements of wireless and wired networking to deliver secure, scalable Wireless LAN's with a low total cost of ownership.

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Broadband Access

Wireless mobility has become an established attribute of the modern business, and for many businesses, a necessity for achieving the kind of productivity, sales and supply chain efficiency—and customer service— that enables high performance. The reasons for this adoption are clear: mobility holds tremendous productivity advantages for any organization that has personnel who move about in the course of their work.

Whether you’re looking for a pure wireless network or a hybrid environment, which combines Structured Cabling with wireless for flexibility, we’ll tailor solutions to meet your needs. Working with industry partners like Cisco and Lancom, we’ll provide unified wired and wireless solutions that cost-effectively address the WLAN security, deployment, management, and control issues facing your business.

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A/V Rentals

R+S A/V Solutions delivers a complete range of innovative audio visual solutions with class-leading professionalism and service.

From enterprise-wide systems design and integration to rentals and staging.
International corporations, public institutions, educators, NGOs and organizations in every industry – large and small – trust R+S A/V Solutions knowledgeable professionals to deliver solutions with impact.